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Themes of Catholic Social Teaching

In our Catholic Social Teaching Principles Podcasts, Paulist Father Larry Rice reflects briefly on the major themes of Catholic social teaching, and how they should shape our lives as citizens of the world and as people of God. (click here for a list of podcasts)


Paulist Fathers Busted Halo Podcasts



Archives Lenten Reflections 2011

DownloadNamePlaySize Length
downloadEaster Sunday

0.9 MB1:01 min
downloadGood Friday

2.7 MB2:55 min
downloadHoly Saturday

3 MB3:19 min
downloadHoly Thursday

2.7 MB2:55 min
downloadPalm Sunday

2.4 MB2:37 min
downloadFifth Sunday of Lent

2.7 MB2:54 min
downloadFirst Sunday of Lent

2.4 MB2:37 min
downloadForth Sunday of Lent

2.5 MB2:45 min
downloadSecond Sunday of Lent

2.8 MB3:01 min
downloadThird Sunday of Lent

2.7 MB2:58 min

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